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How much do new eavestroughs or gutters cost?


With all the extreme temperature changes here in Winnipeg, coupled with the number of trees we have everywhere, your eavestroughs or gutters do take a beating over time. Now, you’re in the market for new gutters and want to know what it’s going to cost you.

Well, you’re in luck. This article is talk about what you need to know in terms of how much new eavestroughs or gutters cost.

We’ll go through all the different factors that could affect the final total. If you have any questions at the end of the article, send Denali Exteriors, your Winnipeg Roofers, a message with your questions!

Eavestroughs gutters cost

Materials and Labour

We’re going to break each category down further to explain both in depth because there is no “one size fits all” pricing for eavestroughs. Some companies charge more for labour, while others may charge more for materials and design.

Eavestroughs or Gutters Materials

With eavestroughs and gutters, there is what there is. There are really no deviations. It’s a fairly generic topic. However, customizations could come into play with design. That’s where you can get a little creative.

The question mainly becomes ‘how much gutter materials do you need’, based on the size and layout of your house.

Things that will be affected by quantity are screws, hangars, splash blocks, etc. But you also need to figure out what type of material you’ll use for your gutters.

PVC and vinyl are the cheapest, in terms of being the least expensive. You can also go with aluminum gutters; however, they dent fairly easily and can become brittle after awhile in our Winnipeg climate.

You can go with wood gutters, galvanized steel gutters, or copper gutters as well. Each has its own pros and cons, but we’re not going to get into those right now.

The design or shape of your eavestroughs will also have an affect on the price of the material, and may affect installation costs depending on how hard it is to work with.

Your House Design

Another factor in the cost is the design and size of your house.

Do you have more than one floor?

How many inside and outside corners does your home have?

Are the eavestroughs easily accessible?

Existing Condition

A lot of people may just that it’s as easy as take old gutters down and put new eavestroughs up without worrying about anything else.

That’s not very realistic.

If you need new gutters, there’s a good chance that you might also need work done to your existing soffit and fascia.

In the case that your gutters have pulled away from your house, leaving the fascia board and soffit exposed, you should have the installers check for mold, mildew and wood rot.

Cost of Labour for Installing New Gutters

Are you hiring a one-person show, or are you hiring a company that has several installers going to your house at once?

It’s a double-edged sword, in that a single installer only costs you one wage, but they’ll take a lot longer. Whereas, if you’re paying several wages, you’re paying a lot more per hour but less hours in total.

The other option is to agree with the professional Winnipeg eavestrough installer on a cost based on the project as opposed to hourly.

Eavestrough Warranty

With your brand new eavestroughs installed, you probably want peace of mind in case anything happens. What is the installer’s warranty? Do they guarantee their workmanship?

What about the manufacturer warranty on the materials?

Do you go with an extended warranty?

Gutter Extras

Perhaps you want to do a bit more than just the standard quo. Maybe you want to design an elaborate drainage system that will impress your neighbors?

Drainage design

Maybe the old homeowners put in a system that didn’t make sense? Whatever the case, if you want to redesign the drainage system on your home, it may come with an extra cost.

Removal and Disposal

You might be able to save a few bucks by removing your old gutters yourself. Does the cost you’ve been quoted include disposal?

Make sure you have all the details before agreeing to the job.

Gutter Guards

With a ton of gutter guards available at your local home improvement stores, you can choose to either do it yourself or have them professionally installed. Either way, depending on what you have directly surrounding your house, gutter guards may save you from a lot of cleaning.

Downspout Screens

Adding to the effectiveness of gutter guards are downspout screens. They help redirect floating debris away from the downspout opening, allowing water to drain away immediately.

Heat Tape

As we were talking earlier about the extreme weather here in Winnipeg, heat tape may be beneficial to install. Heat tape will help prevent ice from forming on top of your gutter, or inside it.

Cost of installing new eavestroughs or gutters

We made it to the end. Finally. Now, tell us the truth; did you realize that there were so many things to consider with regarding the cost to install new eavestroughs or gutters?

For the average homeowner, we think it’s safe to say probably not.

Taking into consideration all the things that affect final cost, it’s really hard to pinpoint an exact cost. But we can tell you that the average install cost new gutters, obviously depending on a lot of things included type of material, will be around $10 to $15 per foot.

Therefore, if you need 100 feet of eavestrough installed, your average cost will be around $1000 to $1500.

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