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How can I remove snow from my roof?

So, it’s the middle of winter in Winnipeg, you have more than a few inches of snow on your roof, and you’re wondering how you can remove the snow from your roof.

Being from Winnipeg, you’re what we call “cost conscious” and don’t really want to hire someone to clean the snow off your roof because you’d rather do it yourself and save a few bucks.

Essentially, there are three ways to do it.

  1. Heat cables
  2. Roof-rake
  3. Shovel
remove snow from my roof

Heat cables

Heat cables for your roof are something of a luxury. They are expensive to buy, install and operate. However, if you can afford them, you could use them to keep the snow off your roof.

These are not really considered a long-term solution, especially in Winnipeg as the winter is so long and the snow usually gets pretty deep. In most cases, the heat cables will create little grooves but not get rid of all the snow.

Because these are such a specialized product, installation costs won’t be cheap. Additionally, not everyone will offer the installation service as not everyone will know how to do it.

One thing to know is that heat cables run on a dead-short circuit. That means the positive and negative wires are constantly in contact with each other, and the results are high electricity use and frequent shorting out.


Cleaning the snow off your roof using a roof-rake is normally justified by the size and design of your roof.

This includes:

  • How the size of your roof
  • The height of your house
  • The incline of the roof

The snow factors include:

  • How much the roof has on it
  • If the snow is wet and heavy or light and fluffy

Roof-raking is most effective when it’s done consistently throughout the winter. If you’re a proactive homeowner, consider buying a roof-rake, so you can frequently clean your roof of snow.

Roof-raking is also an excellent way to keep the snow off the weakest part of your roof – the overhangs. It will take the extra weight of the snow off and help prevent ice dams.


Although roof-raking is a great option, it does have its limitation, and that’s when using a shovel to clean your roof of snow is prevalent.

If you live in a house with lots of roof valleys or your house is very tall, using a shovel might be better. Since a roof-rake is flat and the valleys are angular, there are challenges.

Shovels are a great way of clearing wet, heavy snow off your roof. Or perhaps, you’ve left the snow accumulate all winter and now it’s hardened.

In cases where mother nature dumps a pile of snow all at once, shovelling is probably your best option. That’s a lot of snow in a little amount of time, which can put a lot of stress on your roof.

Also, if you’re looking to completely clean your roof, as opposed to partially, using a shovel is more efficient and effective.

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