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Everything you need to know about hiring professional Winnipeg roofers

A ten step guide to contracting Winnipeg roofing companies

One of the most expensive renovations you will do to your home is getting a new roof. Probably one of the biggest unknowns, and therefore problems, is that it’s hard to know who to trust. In this article, we will go over what you need to know when hiring professional Winnipeg roofers, such as Denali Exteriors.

Getting the right Winnipeg roofing company to do the job is something a lot of us won’t know until after the job is already finished. Our roofs are the first line of defense in keeping our houses safe from the elements. With ferocious storms to extreme temperature changes, getting the wrong roofing company can cause a lot of problems in the future if it’s not done right.

It’s important to do your homework and due diligence when choosing which Winnipeg roofing company you should hire. Here are ten steps to follow to make sure you hire the right one (not in any particular order).

Hiring Winnipeg Roofers

Step One: Get referrals or testimonials

In Winnipeg, everyone knows someone or has a contact, and you should pay attention to what those people say. It’s a fact that people will tell more people about a bad experience as opposed to a good one. So, if someone you know has a good testimonial, chances are they’re giving it out of a sense of appreciation and reciprocity for the roofing company.

But don’t just leave it at people you know. Go to sites like Trusted Pros or HomeStars and check what others had to say about them.

Finally, ask the roofing companies to provide you with a minimum of three references. Keep in mind that they should be recent as well.

Step Two: BBB (Better Business Bureau)

While not totally fail-safe, the Better Business Bureau does have a lot of importance. Check out your potential choices for Winnipeg roofers on their website to see if they have:

  • Positive or negative reviews
  • A BBB ranking

While not all roofing companies will be on the BBB, it doesn’t mean that they are not as good as any that are on there.

Step Three: Roofing manufacturers endorsements

A roofing manufacturer endorsement is when you see that a specific roofer works with material from a specific manufacturer. The roofing company will probably have had to pass and maintain vigorous quality checks to get it.

What are the brands like? Are they expensive, well-known brands? Or, are they your run of the mill, generic brands?

Step Four: Winnipeg Roofers warranties?

Roofing contractors in Winnipeg will offer different quality warranties. Some will give you ten years on the actual product, whereas others might give you twenty. One company might give you five years warranty on workmanship, whereas another might give you two.

Here’s why this is important. After your new roof is installed, it will take time for any damage or incorrect installation issues to appear. By that time, your warranty might be over, which leaves you on the hook for fixing everything at your own cost.

Step Five: The roofing company’s safety record

We’ve all read about accidents on the worksite that have resulted in injury or even death. A lot of times, these accidents were preventable. Seeing how a company invests in safety of its own employees and the safety of its customers will tell you a lot about how the company is run.

If they’re not taking care of their own or you as a customer, what assurances do you have that they’re going to be working in the best interest of your house and not just for their bottom line?

Ask about any accidents they’ve had and what they do proactively to provide a safe work environment.

Step Six: Roofing insurance and licensing

Always, always, always ask to see the roofing company’s insurance certificate to make sure they have the adequate insurance for all of their employees and subcontractors. As much as a legal nightmare and nuisance insurance is, it’s there for a purpose – to protect you in case stuff happens.

If something happens at your home while they’re working, you’re going to be involved and that just sucks.

Step Seven: Experience

While the company might have great reviews and awesome testimonials, maybe they’re also just starting out? How many years have they been in business? How many roofs have they installed?

Do they have employees that have been with the company or in the roofing industry for a long time?

Step Eight: Free estimates

A lot of Winnipeg roofing company nowadays, such as Denali Exteriors, provide free roof estimates. If you come across a company that charges, ask them why. Maybe they have a good explanation.

Step Nine: Get everything in detailed writing

Always get everything in detailed writing…even if they appear to be the most trustworthy contractors. Having your estimate and work order in writing protects you and the company. It provides a basis on which a third party can make a decision in case of a dispute.

Sometimes things happen. Not out of malice or intent, but just by accident, and both parties need to be protected against such things. Imagine if a roofing company was help liable for things that weren’t their fault or if you were. They’d go out of business, and you’d be more in debt.

Step Ten: Professional designations

Another sign of a proven roofing company is whether they have any professional designations. There are a lot of building and construction quality inspection programs out there, and having one means that the company is abiding by their standards.

These designations are just a little extra something to base your decision on, as it shows which companies are doing what.

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